Christopher 2X, a well-respected community leader in Louisville , KY , is a voice for the voiceless who works as a liaison with many factions in our community. 2X began his work with a very controversial police shooting involving a 19-year-old Black male. His leadership abilities were revealed during a moment of conflict when the officer was acquitted and young Blacks wanted to riot in the streets. 2X calmed the storm and continues to smooth difficult situations.

His work in the community has provided him with a unique perspective on the plight of Louisville s most impoverished and marginalized people. The Unified Women Against Street Violence was his first project originating out of a forum for women who had been affected by violent crimes. Unified Women now serves as a support group that fosters healing and encourages community outreach.

In March 2006, 2X joined forces with national recording artist R Prophet, then of the Nappy Roots, and created a radio show titled The Streets Are Talking. Designed to raise awareness within the hip hop community of cultural consciousness, the show has weekly guests from all walks of life and provides an opportunity for listeners to call-in and voice their opinions on a given topic.

After the death of four-year-old Cesar Ivan Cano, Christopher 2X initiated the Fight Crimes Against Children Partnership awareness campaign. It didnt just stop with the media campaign, it includes many options to help aid victims families in their time of need.

In February 2009, he expanded his community outreach by creating a radio show, From the Corner to the Courthouse: Both Sides of Justice, for the judicial community and its partners to educate listeners about the inner workings of the court system and all of its connections. 2X is now pursuing opportunities for healing and rebirth using different forms of new media. We look forward to more from him in the coming years.